Expertos, a MSP/MSSP that manages and operates the IT infrastructure and the IT Security of its customers. 

Our team includes Security experts (CISM, C-EH and more), Microsoft Certified engineers, as well as other subject matter experts.


Our guiding principles:


​​Honest care – Customer needs and interest are our main consideration.

Continuous learning and Professionalism – Our rigorous processes in researching and selecting IT solutions give our clients a robust and solid, costumized service. 


Dynamic Solutions – Our Research Team constantly evaluates existing and new solutions, utilizing local and global market opportunities and our strategic alliances, so every client receives a customized IT portfolio tailored to his needs. 


Authentic Partnership – we consider the relationship with our clients as our most valuable asset and so do our clients who continue to grow with us from generation to generation. 


Independence – client needs are our main consideration. Expertos does not own or manage any software or hardware producer or distributor, does not have any purchase quotas to fill and maintains complete autonomy. The IT Planning and guidance we give is absolutely independent, with your interests in mind and the in-depth IT market expertise we have accumulated. 


Trust - We respect our clients’ need for privacy and therefore maintain client confidentiality.

​With our new branding as Expertos (by Browarnik) and our wide range of customers, in Israel and abroad, we are ready for the next line of challenges. Come on board, you will not regret IT!