IT infrastructure management and operation


IT infrastructure is one of the pillars of any modern organization. It allows the proper function of organizations of any size, be it for legacy or state-of-the-art systems.

We, at Expertos (by Browarnik) are your agent for the design and conception of your IT infrastructure. We are also with you during at all times to help you manage and operate your IT infrastructure. Needless to say, the quality is assured. The price tag? as low as possible.

IT consulting and mentoring


Sometimes our customers prefer a mixture of in-house personnel blended with our high level of knowledge, expertise and commitment. For such scenarios we provide our customers with the best available consulting services. We take under our professional wings the customers' personnel, train them, walk them through the oftentimes demanding tasks, to the best profit of the customer. 

IT security​​, IT risks assessment and remediation​


Your IT infrastructure and systems have one - at least - weak point that may be a major issue. Its security. No matter how much you spend on it, if you don't pay attention to security you are risking one of the most important assets of your organization.

To help you cope with this issue Expertos (by Browarnik) offers you the best available protection tools, to avoid security risks and to remediate security problems. We run periodic security tests and we help you overcome social engineering threats. As with any other IT issue, we are with you from A to Z.

We know that not all budgets are made equal. Yet, we know how to find the best available solution for your problem within your budget and your constraints

Endpoint protection (EPR), more Endpoint protection, Firewalls, Vulnerability Assessments, Auditing